For starters, you have to the basic types of dresses - maxi, short and wedding dresses. Guests can use beautiful embellished halter print beautiful summer, or even dresses of a single color in bright, vibrant colours. Wedding dresses look better on the classic white or shades such as ivory or champagne; but wedding dresses with colors are becoming a bit of a fashion statement nowadays, especially during the summer months. Bold, turquoise bright, red and yellow, the colors are fashionable, while cakes are also making an entry in the bridal trousseau preferences.

Short length wedding dresses are a big hit with fans - to be young, and also very comfortable and elegant. Tea-length wedding dresses are good selections for weddings on the beach. Long dresses with high waist, neckline in V-shape, and a pattern of sleeves, made of lovely size more summer wedding dresses. Princess dresses style in soft colours, with fine straps, are a favorite among brides. The use of ruffles and lace that give a touch of glamor to the garment. Belts and bows are other accents you can add to your dress.

The tissues that can be used are cotton, chiffon, crepe, or any kind of natural fabric. You can also use the satin, georgette, silk, or by adding a lining of pure cotton for your dress, so don't worry too much about the dress. Always try to go for the materials that breathe and those that are comfortable to move. Pastel tones or bright bright tones, teamed with a breathable fabric, and a beautiful dress is the dress of the dream of every woman to any summer occasion.

For a wedding, especially one which is during the summer, in fact cannot be everything that you will feel suffocated with heavy jewelry. The best option is to go to simple and light, far accessorizing. A beautiful pair of earrings pendants or even tacos singles, along with a delicate piece neck, bracelet, brooch, and a simple fork studded, is everything you need to give all his get - a touch of sophistication and style. Your jewelry should complement the dress and shoes. On your feet, you can use a good pair of sandals, high heels or wedges, a color that goes well with your dress. Your makeup should be natural, so it looks not bad, always and when you start to sweat. A nice bright shade of lipstick, mascara, eyeliner or kohl eye pencil, is more than enough to give aura as simple but sensual.