For a winter party do, is almost always on the rhinestones and sequins. Take it to a higher level with long dresses in pastel colors outside the luxury fabrics. That nothing changes nothing of the elegance of the dress; Customize little and pull your hair in a bun or a high pony. Try to make your own statement? Choose a dress in a color and the color of dynamic locking with heels in a contrasting color. Frills, layers, frills and ornaments add playful femininity to the dress that can make it difficult not to admire. Full length with lace detail dress can be the trend in the varnish to wear this winter.
For a semi-formal event at which you can wear cocktail dresses, choose a small number of black with details in lace. Couple dress with accessories and shiny shoes States that you should point out the crowd. Bling with a dress with sequins in a burst of color for improvement as a blue, green Emerald, silver shiny dark, or even a precious gold medal. Another great option would be an inspired twenty years - waist dress highlights her curves in the right places.

For winter weddings, vibrant colors are your best choice. Experience of plum, Burgundy, dark red and emerald green. These colors are adapted to cold winters and add just the touch of color. If you are not afraid to make a statement, then opt for bright colors like orange, sunny yellow, turquoise, red, etc., although these colors are not always used for weddings held in winter, can without doubt be a welcome change. Black is a color that you can wear to weddings in winter, provided that Accessorize well to remove it from the category 'color of mourning. Wear shoes in bright colors, the quotient of glamour with the right jewelry, and choose a dress with a luxury fabric.

Your accessories can and will make or break your team. So choose wisely. A piece of the declaration is still a good choice for a winter wedding; a beautiful piece collar, a thick ring or a bracelet of bold, one of them might be exactly what you need to lead his team to a higher level. Appropriate accessories can add character and elegance to your outfit.
Always wear a bag that is big enough to carry a scarf, gloves and your makeup. A small clutch will be impractical for a winter wedding. At the same time, not striking the look of your outfit with a Hobo bag oversized. Wear a stylish handbag or a great clutch.